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Year 10 project 1: IOS app for helping blind people identify colours (using Core ML and Vision)

*this post will be edited as the project progresses



This project will be part of my school Design and Technology project as well as a part of an entry for a competition! Our 2nd semester project is designing for the visually impaired and when we had the chance to listen to a visually impaired person to help us identity some main problems faced by them, one of them was on identifying colours especially when choosing what to wear.

Extra notes:

As this is still for a competition (limited time), I will be first making a beta version only with the main function, but still enough to work, and will be working through out for couple of months to complete it with other aspects as well. I will be using storyboards for development instead of the Swift UI (more familiar) and Vision and Core ML as the frameworks. Also using this sample project to guide myself.

Making the ML Model:

just a high school student daydreaming